Best Facial for You

Benefits from facial
+ Relieves stress & muscle tension face that causes deep wrinkles remove environmental impurities from the upper layer of the skin ( epidermis). Reduces and prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, age , spots and acne scarring

+ Evens out skin tone and conplexion, increase blood circulation and promotes collagen production.

+ Includes deep pores cleansing, steaming, face
massage, hands massage, shoulder & arms
massage, extraction masque, hot towel, fruit mask and face toning mask. It's very relaxing!


Rejuventing facial
+ Restones skin and delicate eye area to youthful appearance, calms skin affected by rosacea, sunburn , laser treatments, chemical peels and other sensitive conditions. proven producets help reduce redness and instill healthy tone and texture  fiming facial treatment:
treats fine lines, wrinkles, environmental and sun damage. combats dull, sagging skin. rehydrates and strengthens mature skin. Unique formulations build collagen and skin'selasticity while inhibitinglose of tone, texture and pigmentation.
facial tissue improves poor skin color,circulation and sluggish skin texture. include deep cleansing and toning of face and throat area,moisturizer application, a refreshing treatmentfor maintenance of skin texture.

Acne facial:
+ Medically proven antibacterial treatment breaks the repetitive bacterial chain of acne producing skin. This chronic inflammatory condition affects all ages. Pharmagel works deeply but gently to combat this condition. treatment calms inflamed tissue and encourages fast healing with tea treee oil, and vitamins.
refreshing facial.
+ Assists in restoring skin to a smooth, youthful appearance. treat skin to that pick - me - up that is needed to maintain the proper tone elasticity and to avoid the onset of a wrinkled appearance

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